Friday, 11 July 2014

the power of blogging

I've had the weirdest week, if I'm honest. It started with me not being able to do much. No work, no housework (if you're as OCD as me, this is a BIG problem), couldn't even go for a walk. I was having an awful few moments. But then, I read this blog post on Oh My! Handmade Goodness, and after that, things quite magically turned around, mentally and business-y. That's not a word, but we'll go with it. 

In the article, writer Lisa Jacobs explains the three stages of creative business growth. I whole-heartedly related to the first stage, the Novice Business Owner. Not only because this little business is only less than two months old, but because I've secretly been feeling all Field of Dreams, as in 'If I build it, they will come' (and it was weird that she would use that in the blog too!). I also thought like the Amateur. If certain things happened and if I did them a certain way, then maybe I'll get more sales and more awareness out there. 
But then, I was getting down because this wasn't happening. I also felt like I was annoying people if I shared too much of my work about. 
 But now, I understand. I realise things like getting featured on the Etsy home page, or getting re-tweeted by a successful crafter can bring a little bit of satisfaction and maybe some sales too, but they aren't going to magically happen, nor is it really the be-all and end-all. I need to stop seeking permission and approval, and start taking full responsibility for the fact that this is now my job. I bloody love it and I want to keep at it, so I must continue to work as hard as I am working, and remember that I'm not really doing this for the sales (but they sure can help!). As soon as I accepted this, it got weird.

Within the space of 10 minutes, I had an email saying I had been accepted for a craft fair, and then another email from a buyer asking for wholesale info! Plus, at the end of the day, I had over 50 views on the Etsy shop. The most we've ever had! I couldn't believe the coincidence of it all. I've made it sound like a miracle from the heavens occurred, haven't I? But really, it was so odd how I had been so full of self-doubt, but then one little read of a blog flipped it around, and good things happened!

So now, I'm out of bed, I'm dressed and showered, and I'm preparing for my first craft fair. Plus, producing my first order for wholesale.

The power of writing, eh?

Thank you Lisa and Oh My! Handmade Goodness!


  1. Read the article, it is really good! Thanks for sharing. I run a business where I sell art prints and cards, there are times I feel really disappointed in myself that my products aren't selling well but I usually pick myself up by determination, passion and motivation (by my amazing boyfriend and family) and be patient as well as work hard and hopefully this will pay off eventually.

    Glad that you've got a wholesale order and market stall coming up, you deserve it!

    Katrina Sophia Blog

    1. Glad you could relate to it, Katrina! That's usually exactly what happens to me. I get thoughts that no-one will buy my products, get disappointed for a while, but then have bursts of determination that pick me back up again! It's a crazy cycle but I'm a firm believer in if you love and enjoy something and work really hard at it, your hard work will pay off in the end.
      Family and Other Half's definitely help too. My boyfriend is wonderful at getting me away from the laptop in the evenings and reminding me to eat!

      Thank you for your kind words, and good luck with it all! Your products are lovely, I'm always admiring them from afar :)

      Lola x