Thursday, 4 February 2016

one girl band // January 2016 Q&A

One Girl Band Q&A Instagram sessions are now on a monthly basis, don't ya know? This way we can ask a varied set of questions without laying on one particular theme too much, and have a more thoughtful chat every month. Here is the first question of 2016, and it was great to see what you're all planning for our best years yet.

  • roostblog We're so excited about 2016. It's the year we launch our new collaborative interiors blog and YouTube channel and put lots of plans into place. Lots of hard work but super exciting!

  • layoutlines I'm relocating to Iceland from Scotland to join my fiancĂ© and I'll be setting up my design studio and launching my ecourses in Interior and Architecture design.

  • myclockworkcastle I wrote down a few targets for 2016 such as gaining 20k followers here, launching my YouTube and gaining 5000 subscribers... But I'm going to sit down tomorrow and write some more detailed goals about what I want to do with my shop! Hoping to plan my work schedule better this year too, by dedicating days for social media, product development, product photography etc.

  • plewsy_ to continue with the positivity and motivation that I had at the end of 2015 and drive my little business forward! I know I need to schedule in more time for me as this fell a little by the way side last year as I got busier and I noticed a change in myself! I'm definitely someone who needs to work out / be outdoors / read lots to be most productive!

  • shalmabrend Happy new year to you all!! I'm hoping that my small venture @littlebearcreative will become big! I've planned new ideas to bring in a more stable income, to read at least one book a month and to see more exhibitions, theatre, & cinema now that my little one is bigger! 

  • chloehallillustration Hello ladies &@lhdesign_ my plans for 2016 are to create more patterns, focus on my business plan and stick to it instead of trying to do everything that pops into my head, continue to meet new fellow creatives and to keep motivated and stay focused! And also to remember it's ok to have a few days off.

  • lisakathdesign To be even better this year.
  • oubas_knitwear hello everyone! My resolutions are exercise and take time to get outside....look after myself first so I have a healthier energy to grow my business! Little daily meditation.

  • janefitchinteriors My plan is to return to being self employed. I'm currently working as a Project Manager for a High End residential building company, it's been stressful but very informative. My passion is Interior Design which I am trained in. So I'll be returning to my passion and helping to feed it through my blog. I hope to meet other like minded folk and share my experiences. Roll on 2016, can't wait to get stuck in.

  • deathbytea What a lovely plan is to create more of a successful work/life balance. I'm sure it's a thing a lot of us small business owners can relate to. I'll spend more time, doing less things but doing them better and to a higher standard, as opposed to doing lots of things half heartedly and rushed. I'll also make sure I am kinder to myself and give myself credit for what I've achieved instead of just focussing on what went wrong (which is an easy thing to do!) 

  • thecoolline Hello @lhdesign_ and fellow #onegirlbands. The goals for The Cool Line this year is to see the brand grow and increase awareness of our accessories. Since our launch in November 2015, we have achieved so much and look to keep growing this year! Most importantly to learn, create and meet other #onegirlbands !

  • onesupperclub We're super excited to be co-hosting#onegirlband first get together of 2016, it's going to be the perfect kick starter to the year. For us this year is about finding that balance that keeps us happy and healthy. 

  • isavvyvbs Hello Lola, happy new year, for @isavvyvbs its to concentrate on building our brand, developing relationships with lots of great creatives and having a holiday in amongst that - oh and not stressing about trying to get EVERYTHING done at once!! Looking forward to the next #onegirlband 

  • slondonphotog My plan is to make my business work for ME, with more strict business rules for both me and my clients to give me a better work life balance and hopefully increase productivity too  - thus benefitting my clients.

  • tashdawson thanks for the inspo as always you are leading the way. I’m hoping to launch a dedicated ' face painting for grown ups ' website to really show how face painting is fun and cool for all ages. I have to start a website which I'm scared about and I'm aiming to not sacrifice creativity on the altar of 'being self-employed' I.e. Leaving plenty of time for the important stuff, like creating my own unique designs and collaborating with as many people as possible xx

  • linseymouse Gahhh so much! But top of the list are... Streamlining designs + approaching customers instead of letting them contact me (eek!) + learn more about the 'business' side of my small business (eugh) + make my days more productive so I can can my days off in full! Xx

  • tashdawson oh yeah and I'm starting a ballet exercise class and I'm so excited!!! Do you think it would be too much to wear a tutu on the first day...?!

  • claireabellemakes I want to LEARN.

  • littlejessdesigns Personally, I want 2016 to be all about reading more - I want to absorb all I can. In terms of my little business, I'm looking to expand into wholesale, and explore blogging more than I have done. I'd really like to make more creative friends too.

  • live_and_bloom I need to take a deep breath, stop being a perfectionist + launch my website. There will always be something else I want to add or change to it!

  • emilysalshutz Create more food related printables on my food blog. I think people are constantly looking for tools to help them out and get think the food space could use some more!

  • thetravellereyes Always be myself and follow my ideas. 

  • lomondpaperco I've just read your blog post and I can relate to a lot of things you say. Think your fab for being totally honest about everything. I have only just started out and have so much to learn I'm actually confused at where to start! 

  • carolyn_carter Hey Lola.. happy new year... I'm planning to do more of the same but hoping to step it up a gear or two, refresh my website, develop a new Spring range and have more structure to my working week! 

  • curraninteriordesign HNY Lola! 2016 is the year I take myself and my business seriously, to take a leap of faith and to stay positive if the sh*t hits the fan!

  • featherandwildflower Hey and HNY! My hopes this year are to add more product ranges + increase my online presence. Oh + to get a little office space rather than working from my living room where my cat lies on me and my "I'll just have 5 mins" becomes a half hour!

  • thisthursday Happy New Year Lola! My plans this year are to be more organised, create more things and have more of a presence on the medias I use. Since starting my shop this is something I continue to struggle with but need to work on! I think I'll also take some better pictures when I've worked out how to make light be my friend! 

  • birdandbutton Hello *waves* I'm a newbie here. Your blog is really inspirational, hence - I'm here! I've been making lampshades as a hobby for around a year but my Etsy sales are starting to take off so I've decided to take the plunge, go self-employed and really make a go of it. I'll still have a part-time job for now, but this year is all about having an 'I CAN DO THIS' attitude x
That was all insanely inspiring, and I still love how open and honest we can all be in the right setting. Also, on a side note, I feel I should apologise for not being able to reply to all of your comments. Just know that I find you incredibly brilliant, and I can't thank you enough for sharing your insights.

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