Friday, 14 November 2014

free printable // christmas gift wrap

Apologies for not writing a great deal this week. The whole stealing thing took a lot out of me, so I decided to focus purely on processing orders (thank you!), and getting ready for Christmas markets. Now, I'm feeling a lot better after some thoughtful advice from another seller, and I'm ready for Christmas craziness.

As this Christmas is my first one in business, I began planning ridiculously early. Like, July early. One of my favourite ideas was to sell a nice handlettered wrapping paper, but after researching and researching, I decided it was too costly for my first year. So, as a little thank you for your support, have a free printable of two gift wrap designs! All handlettered and illustrated by me.

They're available as size A4, so you can just print as many as you want/need to cover your gifts. Remember to click 'fill page' when printing so there aren't any large borders.

please note: these are not to be resold, reproduced in retail, or used irresponsibly. 
If you do take a picture of your pressies all wrapped up, tag me in it so I can see!

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  1. Thank you for these - amazing that you are giving them away free! I'm just about to start 24 days of advent activities with my family and am planning to blog about it so these will be perfect for one of the days and are totally lovely. I will of course credit you and photograph what we do! I was intending to write a blog post this evening about Christmas shopping/ shopping generally from smaller independent businesses and how that works when you are a bit strapped for cash... instead I've come across your blog here and been side tracked reading it all. I completely get how the stealing thing has upset you! It must just feel so out of control! I really love your work and hope to order a couple of bits when some pay cheque has cleared :-) and I'll try to write my post again tomorrow night! (but would love to link to you) The gift guiding is a great idea and I might need to use those :-)