Monday, 16 November 2015

one girl band meet up at Studio NL

I've just touched down back in Brighton after a weekend of travelling and I'm feeling happy, elated, inspired, and quite blimming tired.

Saturday morning, George and I set off at 6am to Tur Langton, specifically to Roxy's at Studio NL space in the gorgeous countryside, to meet some amazing onegirlbands. It was the second ever One Girl Band meet up, and I was pretty nervous about whether the first was just a one-off success, but those fears were quenched as soon as all the ladies had arrived and were chatting to one another like they'd known each other for years! We all settled down after Roxy the Barista sorted everyone with a coffee, and got straight to it.

What followed was just lovely. I like to take a moment at the beginning of each event to explain what exactly the One Girl Band collective is, and why I started. I then encourage everyone to introduce themselves, so we can all understand what each other does and why we do it. These bunch of girls had so much to tell, and to ask. Social media was, as usual, a main topic. Working out what to post and when, how to come across, whether to be personal or strictly business. We spoke about how people buy people, and that you can't shove selling down their throats constantly, but you can break it up with personal posts and little insights into the background of your business. It all came up, and I hope they all went away feeling better about the situation. I know I did. 

We also chatted about the unglamorous things such as accounting, and how we all deal with that horrible time of the dreaded tax return. OGB is about keeping it real, and unfortunately, they are a part of real business life!

One of the girls came up to me at the end and said how much she enjoyed it, how she had been to a similar 'talk' before and it was full of men in suits from design agencies, making it an uncomfortable environment when it came to talking about struggles, and that there was no real 'real life' chat. I can't stop thinking about this comment as it's just what I don't want OGB to be. I want it to be comfortable, nurturing, and for women to feel like they can be 100% open about their business lives. We are all human, and we're all learning.

Coming away from the second One Girl Band event, I can't wait to see where 2016 will take the collective. I currently have tonnes of ideas floating around my head. We'll have to wait and see what happens, but I think a retreat may be in the cards...

Below are a few images taken by the wonderful Catriona McLoughlin, who came and shot the event in such a beautiful, candid way. 

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The next OGB event is this Thursday at H.en Restaurant in Brighton, and it's sold out! To those ladies who got tickets, see you there.


  1. TOTES. Is all I have to say. Oh, and SNAP! Feet-pose jinx ;-)
    Would love to work with you more on OGB, whether it be from afar writing and helping to publicize it or whatever support you need really. I think it would be lovely if all the people who get involved really practically support each other if they can.
    Just a thought.

  2. Hey fellow OGB lovelies! Just a very late response to this post but to say what a positive influence the session had on the overall attitude of running your own business and having aspirations to be a creative professional. Onwards and upwards for 2016...

  3. Hey One girl band!

    I live in Brighton and work from home and would love to come to one of your meet ups. When is your next one?

    P.s love your guys work!

    Cassie X

    1. Hi Cassie! We've got a proper site now that has all of our events on ( Our next one is in March in our new coworking space :) Would love for you to come along x