Tuesday, 8 September 2015

OGB // our first meet-up

Right, so, this is a bit late. I've been absolutely awful with blogging recently, not really knowing what to write or how to write for that matter, but I'm ready to get back typing and to sort it out.

Back in July, I had the pleasure of hosting our first One Girl Band meet up at H.en in Brighton. I was honestly petrified; my previous experiences of public speaking involved tears and 'nonono, you first's, but as soon as the girls arrived, I felt at ease and ready. I may (or may not have) spilt an entire cup of coffee down my white trousers, but, hey!

To begin with, we went around the table of around 21 girls and told each other our stories, what we do, how we started. This was so inspiring. To hear people speak so passionately about their businesses made me incredibly happy. I just wanted to hear every detail about their ventures. 

A major lesson I learned was that you can't plan every detail. To begin with, we had worksheets that included questions similar to our Q&A sessions on Instagram every Sunday evening to prompt our chat. We stuck with one question, but eventually, conversation flowed to other subjects, so I just threw the worksheets out and we carried on chatting about anything and everything we needed to talk about. 

Social media was, of course, a massive subject. We discussed how to use hashtags in an efficient and non-cringey way, as well as when was best to post, and how it's ok to put an 'out-of-office' on your emails throughout the day. I felt that there was a real community feel, the type you feel when people on Instagram rally together, but in real life terms. 

Below are a few links to blog posts written by other attendees. I loved meeting these girls, and I can't wait to expand the OGB collective. If you're interested in joining us for our next meet up in November (details TBC), sign up to the One Girl Band mailing list here

Life and Times of Shelley Baker 

Image by Sarah London Photography

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